How do I buy a vehicle?

You must be a registered Flag-Worldwide member. You can register in the top right hand side of this screen.

How soon do I need to pay?

You need to pay immediately or arrange transit finance prior to purchase. Failure to have cleared funds into the nominated account by the following day may terminate the purchase. As soon as you confirm purchase, you will receive a proforma invoice from "Global Payhub", which is due for immediate payment to secure the vehicle.

What if I am not comfortable paying immediately?

New Zealand buyers may be eligible for some support from Autohub, by way of Credit Terms for the purchase. You will still be required to make an immediate payment of deposit to secure the vehicle, but the balance will be due to Autohub just prior to arrival. Autohub will charge you a fee for this service, which is added to the balance due. This will be 5% of the balance.

Do you accept cancellations?

No. If you "Buy Now", then once vehicle details are confirmed, you will own it. However if at any stage a vehicle which you have chosen to purchase fails a compliance or quality check you will be notified stratght away and will be eligible for a full refund.

Do you give any warranty for the vehicle?

No. Our vehicle suppliers are very large and professional companies who are committed to long term relationships with us. We will however guarantee that any vehicle purchased will clear all legally obliged compliance checks.

What if the mileage on a vehicle I have purchased is more than 5% over the projected mileage?

We will give you the opportunity to cancel the sale and receive a full refund.

What does the VAT Status mean?

There are three different vehicle VAT status’. Qualifying, Margin and Commercial. On a 'Margin' vehicle the VAT is already built into the price of the vehicle on the website but cannot be claimed back when the vehicle is exported. Qualifying and Commercial vehicles do not have the VAT included in the price of the vehicle because this is claimed back when the vehicle is exported.