Payment & Finance

Buying Process

Step 1

Select the vehicle/s you wish to purchase, add them to your basket and proceed to checkout.

Step 2

Select your local currency and confirm the purchase. NB. At this point you are agreeing to enter into a legally binding contract to purchase the vehicle/s.

Step 3

You will automatically receive a pro-forma invoice for the full cost of the vehicle/s. A 20% deposit must be paid immediately and you must choose whether to settle the outstanding 80% straight away or make use of either the Transit Assistance or Compliance & Floor plan finance options (Finance options available for NZ customers only). NB. If funds are not received from you (as cleared funds into our account) by the following day then the vehicle will not be secured, and the sale cancelled. This will then jeopardise your further use of this buying platform.

Step 4

Once finance is finalised the vehicle will be subject to an export appraisal* and scheduled onto our next available vessel.

* If at any stage a vehicle which you have chosen to purchase fails an export appraisal or quality check you will be notified straight away and will be eligible for a full refund. We would in this scenario use our best endeavour to find you a suitable alternative vehicle for you to purchase if you wish, or give a full refund and compensate with a $100 credit your Flag-Worldwide trading account.

Global Payhub

Vehicles purchased from Flag-Worldwide are paid for via Global Payhub.

Global Payhub is a secure payment system which guarantees immediate payment to the vendor upon confirmation of vehicle details, and guarantees the buyer shipment and delivery, or money back.

Within Global Payhub, Travelex Foreign Exchange business solutions manage the funds and Autohub take care of the logistics via a shared information agreement, which ensures the security of the transaction, and gives visibility of the whole process by both seller and buyer via the online track and trace system specifically designed for your convenience.

By using this, you will only be required to pay in LOCAL CURRENCY to a LOCAL BANK.

Global PayHub is an electronic payment platform offering Total Security to all parties; Secure, Convenient and Cost-Effective and enabling you to pay with your own currency through your own bank.

Transit Assistance

Transit Assistance is designed to offer some support by way of Limited Credit Terms for the purchase of vehicles through the Flag-Worldwide platform. This is basically a way Flag-Worldwide can assist you with carrying the debt during the transit period of the vehicle.

Should you wish to pay only this deposit, and retain funds for immediate cash-flow, then there is a process to follow after you click "BUY NOW".

  • Firstly, you will need to agree to the online terms and condition to continue.
  • You will then still be required to make an immediate payment of a minimum deposit to secure the vehicle (you can choose to pay more)
  • The balance, plus a late payment fee of 5% will be due just prior to arrival.

Funding for this Transit Assistance is supplied by Autohub.

For further information, or a pre-view of those terms and conditions, you are welcome to discuss this directly with them at

Compliance & Floor plan Finance

Blackbird Auto Finance

Flag-Worldwide has arranged an extended term finance offer for New Zealand Dealers with Blackbird Finance Limited ("BFL").

Blackbird can offer approved Dealers funding which extends from point of purchase right through until the vehicle has passed compliance in New Zealand. This product is ideally suited for Dealers who have existing finance facilities in place which can fund vehicles once complied, or, to ease cash flow constraints by preventing the need to tie up capital in vehicles not yet on the yard.

  • Firstly, you will need to agree to the online terms and conditions to continue
  • You will then still be required to make an immediate payment of a minimum deposit of 20% to secure the vehicle (you can choose to pay more)
  • The balance of the FOB cost, along with a 4% fee, and any additional import related charges, fall due once the vehicle has passed compliance. Under this option, after your initial payment, you won’t need to fund any further costs, including Customs, GST, Autohub or Compliance charges, up until the point that the vehicle has passed NZTA Compliance.

Additionally, for selected Dealers BFL will be offering extended Floor plan finance, on a limited basis, enabling vehicles imported under its "Compliance" option to be funded "on yard" for an agreed period.

Pre-approval of Dealers by BFL is required under both of the options outlined above. However, once approved they can offer you a facility which funds the majority of a vehicles purchase price, from the point you push "BUY NOW", through until NZ Compliance, or in some cases retail sale.

If you are interested in investigating this offer, then please contact Geoff Sinclair on (09) 303 5830 or email .